Fr. Tibesar and Edith Otaka talk in church office, Minidoka Relocation Center, Hunt, Idaho, ca. 1944
Fr. Leopold Henry Tibesar and Edith Otaka talk in the Catholic church office at the Minidoka Relocation Center, Hunt, Idaho, ca. 1944. Edith Otaka is now a nursing student at Presentation Hospital, Aberdeen, South Dakota. Photo courtesy of Maryknoll Mission Archives.

A Family Repository

Our vision for the Tibesar Family Archives is that it will become a repository of all things Tibesar.

Just imagine an online, private digital family reference that is easily searchable and readily available to all Tibesars living around the world. Our archives will contain lots of Tibesar history and current events.

It is even harder to imagine what the Tibesar Family Archives will look like 100 years from now!

Our Goal

The goal of the archives is to preserve and publish in digital format important family histories and current events. We do not house or store paper archives. We are an online reference that provides a safe place in which you may upload your important documents, photos, stories, and videos.

Additionally, the Tibesar Family Archives will accurately record, as best as it can, a complete genealogy of the Thibessar – Tibessar – Tibesar family and publish this lineage for all to enjoy on the Internet.

A Private Family Wikipedia Not Owned by Facebook

We are well on our way to achieving this vision, however in order for the Tibesar Family Archives to become a true family Wikipedia, Tibesars must be willing to share their documents, photos and stories on the site. Accordingly, we have created simple forms for submitting your stories. It can be about a birthday, an athletic event, a vacation just as long as it is about your family! The family lead archivist will then format your stories and publish them on the site.

Please Share

The challenges of such an immense project are great. However, if we abscond with the typical excuses of time, money or “it’s on Facebook,” we can join as one family and get involved with creating an exciting, fun, and educational online reference that will be cherished and sustained by future Tibesar generations! Please do your part and upload and share your stories now.

Let the journey begin…

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