Our Privacy Statement

We believe that the entire Tibesar family benefits when family members share their stories, photos, heirlooms, important documents and family history.

We recognize that the information about living family members is sensitive so, we limit memberships to family members only. Access to the archives is strictly limited to family members only.

Protecting your privacy is at the core of what we do. Accordingly, we have implemented several programs to ensure information in this archive is shared with other family members only.

We do not disclose any non-public information to third parties period. Our family tree is uploaded to Ancestry.com for all family members to view and enjoy.

Give you a choice to share or not share

When you share information within the Tibesar Family Archives, we believe the entire family benefits from your sharing. However, some family members may not want to share their stories, photos, heirlooms, important documents and family history.

If you inform us that you do not want to share your archives, we will remove your archives accordingly. Your public records within our archives will not be removed since they are part of the public domain freely accessible in public libraries or on the Internet.

Give you a choice on how to share some information

Should you decide to share your information with the Tibesar Family Archives you may decide whether to mark stories that you write as Public, Private or Password Protected. However, Photos and Trees cannot be marked as such.

Public – other family members may view the information

Private – other family members may not view the information

Password Protected – a password is required in order to view the information

Controversial archives will be placed in a private status until they are no longer contentious to living family members.

Give us a choice to share or not share

If you decide to not share your stories, photos, heirlooms, important documents, tree and family history, we will remove your access to the Tibesar Family Archives.

Give you credit for your contributions

We want you to get credit and recognition for the content you share with the Tibesar Family Archives. Any information you post on the site will be linked to your profile. This lets others know who is the original source of the material.

Be responsible with the information you entrust to us

We know how valuable your family stories, photos and important documents are and understand the personal nature of your family tree. We employ a variety of technical and organizational measures to protect your information so you’ll feel safe preserving and sharing your information within the Tibesar Family Archives.

By accessing and using this website and its services you consent to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information by the Tibesar Family Archives in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

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