Arlon Belgium roofs of the city and bell tower of the St. Martins church
Arlon, Belgium roofs of the city and bell tower of the St. Martin’s church

The Tibesar Family Origins

Our family originated from Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Many Tibesar families populated the municipality of Arlon which is located in the province of Luxembourg (not to be confused with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg). The province of Luxembourg is located in the southern region of Belgium called Wallonia.


The municipality of Arlon includes the villages of Autelbas, Autelhaut, Barnich, Bonnert, Clairefontaine, Fouches, Frassem, Freylange, Guirsch, Heckbous, Heinsch, Sampont, Sesselich, Seymerich, Sterpenich, Toernich, Udange, Viville, Waltzing, and Weyler.

Despite the Luxembourgish majority population, the city of Arlon was not included in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and an assimilation process to the French language continued undisturbed. Being situated very close to the border with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Arlon has continued to expand with new residential areas and commercial development zones, and many people cross the Belgium-Luxembourg border everyday to work in the Grand Duchy.

Other Family Locations

As decades have passed our family has populated other regions of the world. Emigrant Tibesar family members now live in France and the United States. In the United States the largest gatherings of Tibesars are in Minnesota, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona.

Tibesars around the world

The Tibesars are a Proud Accomplished Family

As our archives have developed and grown, it is clear that Tibesars are achieving great success in whatever they pursue. In our family we have highly successful doctors, priests, nuns, military officers and enlisted, teachers, farmers, coaches, businessmen and businesswomen, financiers, computer engineers, real estate agents and appraisers, homemakers, athletes, machinists, tradesmen and craftsmen and the list goes on and on.

Our Tibesar family are great ambassadors all over the world!

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