The entire Marcus and Ria Tibesar family celebrating a “Duluth Trading Company” Christmas in Phoenix, Arizona. Everyone received a Duluth jacket and hat from Santa that year. (L to R back row) Conrado, Marcus Trenton’s friend holding “Bounce”, Marcus Trenton, Ria in red plaid, Marcus, big Jack, Rachael in blue plaid, Jason, Jay Schuster and Glen; (L to R front row) our little Miss Mattie Rae and her big brother Anthony; (L to R dog row) Snow and Kokoamo.

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to dearest family members! Ria and I are so glad you stopped by to learn more about your family and to share your treasures with our community. You are uploading and sharing your important photos and documents, right?

Ria and I are now retired, and we are enjoying the good life. We live in a little town 30 miles or so from the US/Mexico border called Sierra Vista. The Southeastern Arizona high-desert mountain weather here is the best!

In our spare time, we travel in our little truck camper, play BINGO in Tucson, run a small home business called Sierra Websites, and putz around our home which always seems to need something mowed, painted or repaired.

Please visit us should you travel to southern Arizona, and come taste some of Ria’s delicious Filipino cooking!

Cheers and safe travels,

Marc & Ria Tibesar

1416 Sierra Drive
Sierra Vista, Arizona 85635
Tel: (520) 335-8785