The Archives now require a membership

The Tibesar Archives now offers its family members two membership plans; free and annual.

Free Memberships $0

If you were a member in 2019, you have already been assigned a free membership. Free members can peruse the entire site, but they will not have full access to the archives. Free memberships never expire.

Annual Memberships only $9.95 per year

If you decide to purchase an Annual Membership, you will have access to everything in the archives. Annual memberships expire after 365 days.

Annual memberships cost $9.95 per year.

Annual members are able to access the entire website, including all the news, photo albums, and family trees. Currently, there are over 500 photo albums totaling over 15,000 photos.

Memberships also allow you to upload, preserve and share your important documents, interviews, photos, recordings and stories.

Remember, you must be an extended or immediate member of the Tibesar Family to be eligible for free and annual memberships.

Family Members Buy Now!

Why are memberships now necessary?

The archives have been free for over 10 years now, and thanks to many contributors and generous family members, they have grown and grown. As the founder and lead archivist for the Tibesar Archives, I have willfully funded the entire cost of the archives during the past decade.

Since I am now retired, and I am getting older, the archives will eventually be turned over to either another family member or to a board of family representatives. Making sure that the archives are self-supporting will ease the transition of the archives to the next and younger generation.

I thank you for your continued support, and please, purchase a membership!

Marcus L. Tibesar, Founder & Lead Archivist

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Marcus Lowell Tibesar

Marcus Lowell Tibesar

Marcus is the youngest son of Peter Benedict and Jacqueline Mae (Parks) Tibesar

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