Circa 1944Edward Felix and Margaret (Kronebusch) Tibesar “Life on the Farm” videos converted, merged and shared by grandson Lynn Edward Feuling from 8mm to digital. These movies were taken by Hilbert ‘Bert’ George and Marcella Kathryn (Tibesar) Feuling.

The video starts on the Hager Farm in Kellogg, Minnesota. It then moves to Lynn’s grandparents home (Ed & Margaret Tibesar) in Wabasha, Minnesota. Then to Father Pete’s (Peter Andrew Tibesar) home in Rollingstone, Minnesota and finally to the Ed/Cleon Tibesar farm in Kellogg, Minnesota.

A story about that wagon that I’m in at the start of the movie (with Rich and Rita Hager). Probably not something to publish in the archives:

Years later – during one of my summer visits to the Hager Farm, Rich and I found an old 25 lb can of blasting powder in the back of the machinery shed. It had rusted through on the bottom and the powder was all wet. We asked my Uncle Bernard if we could “play” with it. Because it was wet and pretty much inert he said yes. We spread the blasting powder out in that wagon to dry in the sun. Every so often we would take a small chunk of the powder far away from the wagon to try to light it. Nothing happened each time we tried. Toward the end of the day we again tried to light a small chunk, this time, not nearly so far away from the wagon because of all the previous failures. The chunk sputtered and spit a big spark into the wagon! The wagon load caught and went up in a sputtering cloud of dense white smoke that filled the farm yard. Rich and I were far enough away so that no one got hurt – but the wagon was destroyed……

Sad thought – today the police would have been called and my Uncle Bernard would probably be arrested for having let us do that….. 🙁

I miss the America we grew up in……….. ! ~ Lynn Edward Feuling

Featured in this video in sequence are Lynn’s relatives:

  1. Maternal Aunt Marie Evelyn (Tibesar) Hager (showing Lynn how to pump water from the well while first cousins Richard Bernard and Rita Marie Hager look upon at the Hager Farm in Kellogg, Minnesota)
  2. Grandpa Edward Felix Tibesar and Uncle Bernard Francis Hager (exiting the shed)
  3. Grandma Margaret (Kronebusch) Tibesar (holding fresh cut flowers)
  4. Richard ‘Rich’ Bernard Hager and Lynn Edward Feuling (entering the shed)
  5. Cousins Lynn Feuling, Rich and Rita Hager (playing with the little wagon)
  6. Margaret Tibesar and Rich Hager (showing Rich a newly baked cake)
  7. Grandpa Edward Felix Tibesar and Aunt Dorothea ‘Dorothy’ V. Tibesar (in their Sunday clothes)
  8. Ed and Margaret Tibesar Family – (L to R) Evelyn, Grandpa Ed, Marcella, Annabelle, Grandma Margaret and Cleon (at Ed and Margaret’s home in Wabasha, Minnesota)
  9. Bernard and Evelyn Hager Family – Evelyn holding baby Janet Mary Hager, Uncle Bernard and little Richard and Rita Hager
  10. Lynn Feuling with a toy shotgun and a ‘dead’ toy rabbit
  11. Uncle Cleon Leroy Tibesar picks up his nephew Lynn Feuling
  12. Bonita ‘Bonnie’ Jeannete Tibesar and Aunt Loraine Elizabeth (Reisdorf) Tibesar (wife and oldest daughter of Cleon)
  13. Rita Marie Hager, Lynn Edward Feuling and Richard Bernard Hager (as young children)
  14. Cleon and Loraine (Reisdorf) Tibesar family (Loraine, baby Bonnie and Cleon)
  15. Annabelle Dorothy Tibesar holding baby niece Bonnie Tibesar
  16. Margie (Plapp) Wolfe and toddler Carol Plapp
  17. Clarence and Margie Wolfe
  18. Ducks, geese and a squirrel at Father Pete’s sanctuary/zoo Rollingstone, Minnesota (Catholic Priest Father Peter Andrew Tibesar)
  19. Father Peter Tibesar (Edward’s older brother smoking a cigar)
  20. Little Lynn Feuling admiring all of Father Pete’s rabbits in their pens
  21. Lynn Feuling growing his bean stalk as a young boy
  22. Loraine (Reisdorf) Tibesar eating a sandwich on the Ed and Margaret Tibesar Farm (Lynn believes Cleon and his family lived there and ran it at that point in time)
  23. Hilbert ‘Bert’ George Feuling on the Ed and Margaret Tibesar Farm
  24. Marcella (Tibesar) Feuling shooting a pistol on the Ed and Margaret Tibesar Farm
  25. Small boy Lynn Feuling being pulled by two plow horses
  26. Bert and his oldest son Lynn Feuling driving a red Farmall tractor
  27. Cleon Leroy Tibesar with his youngest sister Annabelle Dorothy Tibesar riding on his shoulders
  28. Lynn Feuling rides a pony that once belonged to his mother Marcella (Tibesar) Feuling
  29. Lynn’s grandmother Margaret (Kronebusch) Tibesar waves hello by a car
  30. The new owner of the pony, a neighboring farm boy rides away
  31. A hired hand drives a tractor and large rake while gathering and stacking loose hay on the Ed/Cleon Tibesar farm in Kellogg, Minnesota
  32. Cleon Tibesar thumbs his nose as he and a farm hand work on hay stack with their pitchforks on the Ed/Cleon Tibesar farm in Kellogg, Minnesota
  33. A hired hand driving a tractor and cutting hay with a hay cutter attachment on the Ed/Cleon Tibesar farm in Kellogg, Minnesota

Lynn Edward –> Marcella Kathryn –> Edward Felix –> Antoine “Anton” –> Pierre –> Michel –> Philippe Tibesar