September 16, 2014Paul Tibesar, the husband of Ginette Tricot, passed away today in Libramont, Luxembourg, Belgium. Services were held at the Church of Martelange and Paul was laid to rest at the Funérarium Léonard-Lemaître (Martelange, Belgium).

20140916 Paul Tibesar obituary

20140916 Paul Tibesar obituary

(Google translation)

Mr. Paul Tibesar
Martelange born May 26, 1938, died September 16, 2014.

You are in hand with great sorrow:
TRICOT Ginette, his wife who love her dearly;
Marc DEHERVE, his dear godson;
Stephen and Michelle Tibesar-LEMAIRE,
Oceane, Killian, Aymeric, her godson, little niece and nephews;
Jacques and Jacqueline DEHERVE-KNIT, his brother and his brother’s wife;
Jean and Godelive Tibesar, his brother and sister-in
And related families.

The funeral liturgy, followed by burial will be celebrated in the church of Martelange Friday, September 19, 2014 at 15 hours.

Meeting at the church.

Our dear departed at the funeral A.Léonard-based Lemaitre, 16, rue de la Poste in Martelange, open from 10 to 19 hours, where the family will be present from 17 to 19 hours

Your condolences on:

Personal Code: 423-20140916.

This Notice is in lieu of announcements.

Paul –> Guillaume Tibesar (complete lineage is unknown at the time of this posting)