September 1, 2013Marcus Lowell Tibesar received an e-mail from Henri Leyder detailing some of the history of the Jean Tibesar and Anne Marguerite Clemens family who lived in Ell, Luxembourg and then Lopigneux, France.

Heinen-House in Ell, Luxembourg taken in 1939 during the celebration of 100 years Independence of the Grand Duchy 1939

The Heinen-House located in Ell, Luxembourg. Photo taken in 1939 of a wedding party during the celebration of 100 years of Grand Duchy Independence. Note: On 12 February 1906, Jean and Anne Marguerite (Clemens) TIBESAR moved into this house, the parental house of Anne. The couple lived in this house until 1926.

My story (in the German language) about the fantastic journey performed by Justine Tibesar, published in the magazine Inform Ell about the municipality of Ell, Luxembourg on September 15, 2013. The magazine contains an article titled “Die Familie Tibesar” (“The family Tibesar”). This family is the family of Jean and Anne Marguerite TIBESAR staying in Ell from 1906 to 1926. The translation (and additional information): – Henri Leyder

The family Tibesar

(by Henri LEYDER)

The family TIBESAR was staying in Ell from February 1906 to February 1926 in a house occupied later by Jean “John” (1) HEINEN (who celebrated there in 1963 his 100th anniversary) and his son René. It was situated route d’Arlon (Arlon Road) where the farmer-family NIEBELSCHÜTZ-GOEDERT had built (in the 1980th) an annex to her farm.

Jean TIBESAR from Habergy/Hiewerdang (2) (born October 30th 1876) was married August 12 1905 in Habergy to Anne Marguerite CLEMENS (born August 11th 1883) from Ell (Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg). On 12th February 1906 the couple moved into the parental house of Anne Marguerite in Ell (as noted in the local register of migrations).

Five Tibesar-children were born in Ell (3)

4/10/1906 Jean-Pierre Joseph, called Joseph or simply Jos
31/12/1907 Emil; died 24/8/1908
4/3/1909 Marie Justine; called Justine
29/5/1911 Emil Joseph; called Emile
6/12/1916 Célestine Clémentine Marie; called Célestine

February 15th 1926, the family emigrated to Lopigneux, a small village (only three farms) in the French municipality of Arrancy-sur-Crusnes in the extreme north-east of the “Département Meuse”.

Joseph (who died May 26th 1989 in Longuyon/France, close to Lopigneux) was married and father of a daughter, Josiane. Joseph followed his father, after him Josiane (who was married DIDRY) and now her son Eric for farming in Lopigneux, since about 30, 35 years in a complete new farm. Today Josiane and her husband are helping Eric and his family.

Emile Joseph was hairdresser (for women) in Grenoble (France southeast), Justine and Célestine had both been married in Aix-en-Provence (France south), Justine was the mother of a daughter. When Emile and Justine died, Josiane doesn’t know. Célestine died 25/2/1977 in Aix-en-Provence (in accordance with a note beside her birth certificate kept in the town hall in Ell).

(1) Jean Heinen has twice emigrated to Milwaukee, came twice back, that the reason why he was called John.

(2) Hiewerdang is the Luxembourgian designation for Habergy (French); until 1839, this village was, like about 30 others, as well Arlon, part of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

(3) I have a photocopy of each birth certificate (made in German language and Gothic script, script given up in the 1920th). Copy of the birth certificate of Justine is joined to this e-mail.

Jean Pierre Joseph, Emil, (Marie) Justine, Emil Joseph and

Celestine Clementine Marie –> Jean –> Pierre –> Jacques –> Michel –> Philippe Tibesar