December 31, 2000Saint Nazaire les Eymes, France – A New Year’s letter from Joseph Jean-Marie Tibesar to his cousin Marcus Lowell Tibesar.

(Open letter here…)

Joseph Jean-Marie Tibesar letter to his cousin Marcus Lowell Tibesar dated 31 Dec 2000

Joseph Jean-Marie Tibesar letter to his cousin Marcus Lowell Tibesar dated 31 December 2000

(Open letter here…)

J. Tibesar 244
Chemin De La Touviere
St Nazaire Les Eymes
38330 St Ismier F

The 31th of December 2000

Dear Ria and Marcus,

Some days ago, I was thinking about Tibesar’s Family living in USA! Today, I’ve received your letter wishing all the best! We all return them for you and your whole relatives and friends!

As I’ve heard in your letter, you are happy to see your own improving the way of the future. So we do here.

Xavier Combaz, my grand-son was spending a month in a New Orleans’ hospital to learn the job. He is 21 years old. The job is very hard and need a very good health. He is healthy and likes to do that kind of job! He has a tendency to help people with a real sense of charity! It seems to be odd for common people!

Sebastien (Combaz) left Grenoble (France) to go to the Nancy’s University in order to become in two years Engineer and Doctor in Pharmacy! What a big job to catch those university titles!

The rest of the family is in a good form. The oldest are unhappily getting older and older! with backs aching! It seems to be the Century’s ache!

On the contrary, we’ve the opportunity to see nearly every day our youngest grand-son Gontran (Tibesar). He is 7 months old and already able to stand up (with two fingers help)! He is Marc Tibesar’s son living in our old family house in Lancey (France). We are going to spend the New Year’s festivity among them!

Right now, I’m see fireworks of the New Year through the windows!

My grand-son plays chess and he’s 9 years old! I think he’ll be able to promote Tibesar’s name! We’ll see!

In reading your letter, I wonder if you’ve a tendency to a sectarian way of live? We believe in God but we don’t like any kind of sectarian way of live! You know, we’re getting old and getting wiser and wiser!

Before being retired, I was among the white head thinking in a very important factory to help in research and development!

I’m however quite agree with Belgian rule: “Eendracht maakt macht” means < < union makes force >>.

Note that we are old fashioned about the use of a-mail, webb and no one as! I don’t use them because of a too rapid changing way of uses. Once purchased it’s already old, old fashioned! So that, I’m waiting to get perhaps the pentium IV with thousand Ghertz — at a low price —

My grand sons are playing with their own materials. It is a good way to hear good music, to treat problems of texts, to memorize a lot of things (we don’t always need!)

To end, many thanks for your letter and wishes. We all wish the best for your family.

Gratefully yours,

J. Tibesar

P.S. About all Tibesar’s family in USA I’m proud to know that the lineage comes from my three great uncles, who were born in the same village that one of my grandfather (village which is called Weyler in Belgium). I think there are many more Tibesars in USA than in Europe right now!…

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