Wednesday, June 15, 1904The St. Paul Globe, page 2 (read newspaper article here…)

Father Peter A Tibesar with his pointer dog Minnesota circa 1927

Father Peter A Tibesar with his pointer dog in Minnesota field circa 1927


Commencement Exercises Are
Held in St. Paul’s

The commencement exercises of St. Thomas college were held in the aula maxima of St. Paul’s seminary yesterday afternoon before a large audience of alumni and friends and relatives of the members of the graduating class. Archbishop Ireland presided and many noted churchmen were present.

The programme opened with a musical selection, Kaiser’s “Uncas,” given by the college nine-piece orchestra, and this was followed by the salutatory address by Peter A. Tibesar on “A Scientific Education,” which he said was almost a necessity in this scientific age. About twenty members of the Glee club sang “Lead Kindly Light” and William W. Coleman recited an original poem “My Sabine Farm.” Part of the orchestra played Pope’s “Massaniello” and Lawrence F. Ryan delivered the valedictory address on “A Classical Education.”

After a vocal selection by the Glee club a debate was held on the subject: “Resolved, That the Sympathy of the American People Should be With Russia in the Present War.” The affirmative was upheld by E. F. Casey and W. J. McHale, who contended that the interests of the Americans and Russians were alike; that the Russian government was not despotic; that the Russians were very religious and that the Japanese were irreligious and that white sympathies should be with whites and Christian sympathies with Christian. R. M. Hughes and  E. T. Foley argued that Russia was despotic; that she was unprogressive; that her people preached Christianity and practiced paganism, while the Japanese lived up to Christian ideals although they had not adopted the Christian religion.

Archbishop Presents Diplomas

Very Rev. Humphrey Monihan then read the names of the graduates while Rev. John Dunphy handed the diplomas to a boy who  carried them to Archbishop Ireland. As the name of a student was called he went forward and kneeling before the archbishop received the diploma from his hands. After receiving the blessing of the archbishop he returned to his place.

Father Moynihan then introduced United States Senator Moses E. Clapp who delivered an address on “Achievement.” Senator Clapp said that some people thought that man was the sole architect of his career, while others thought that his life was all mapped out for him, but that he believed that the truth lay between these two extremes. He said that every young man should have an aim, an object when he started on his career, but should be careful that in seeking this object he keep his eye on the path directly before him. He gave the young men as a watchword “If you achieve, achieve something worth while,” and “Achievement comes only after work, necessity and adversity.”

Those who received their diplomas were:

Classical Course—William W. Coleman, Rochester, Minn.; John R. Keenan, St. Paul; Daniel F. Noonan, Waverly, Minn.; Lawrence F. Ryan, St. Paul; Edward Sprenger, New Ulm, Minn.; Peter A. Tibesar, Minneiska, Minn.

Commercial Course—Francis Cummiskey, Currie, Minn.; Nicholas Kohanek, Waverly, Minn.; Francis McGonigal, Minoqua, Wis.; James McMahon, New Richmond, Wis.; John J. Meagher, Minneapolis; Thomas Martin, Tripp, S. D.; John O’Toole, St. Paul; Fred Port, Milbank, S. D.; Ralph Quinn, Brainerd; Leo R. White, Stillwater; Raphael Wessel, Ireland; Michael McQuaide, Ireland.

Gold medals for general excellence were awarded to the following students in the academic department:
Sophomore………………….John R. Keenan
Freshman……………………..John P. Cleary
Fourth Academic………..Joseph Finnegan
Third Academic……………….Francis Kelly
Second Academic………Anthony A. Logar
First Academic……………….Philip Gordon
Preparatory—Thomas Kennedy, Arthur Vader, Edward Welsh.

Gold medals have been awarded to the following students in the commercial department:
Phonography………………..John Rochon
Bookkeeping……..Martin Bohnenstengle
Penmanship…………..Francis McGonigal

Three medals for exemplary conduct, presented by Rev. E. Gauvreau, were awarded to the following students:
William J. Luby, Francis J. Cummiskey, and Arthur J. Wehr.

Peter Andrew –> Antoine “Anton” –> Pierre –> Michel –> Philippe Tibesar