Route de Longwy in Weyler Belgium 2011

The main street of Weyler, Belgium named “Route de Longwy” in 2011

Please install Google Earth in order to view these street views of Autelhaut and Weyler,  Belgium:

Autelhaut Cemetery where many Tibesars are buried: cemetery.kmz

Old Tibesar home (and birthplace of Georgette Catherine Tibesar) at 4 de la Biff, Autelhaut. The old village forge is visible on the left and, what used to be a drugstore is on the right: biff.kmz

Downtown Weyler near Autelhaut: weyler.kmz

These google street view links were contributed by Fabien Musty, grandson of Georgette Catherine Tibesar

Fabien Musty –> Bernard Musty –> Georgette (Tibesar) Musty –> Leon Tibesar –> Michel –> Pierre –> Michel –> Philippe Tibesar