Leon Tibesar

A painting by Pierre Tibesar of his 17-year old brother Léon Tibesar (circa 1908)

This is a painting of Léon Tibesar (father of Marie-Josée) which was painted by Léon’s brother and painter, Pierre Tibesar.

Léon is in his work clothes and, he is about 17 years old in this painting. Léon was a farm machinery mechanic and, he worked in the garage of the old Tibesar home located at 6700 Rue de la Biff, Arlon, Autelhaut Belgium. Léon’s wife, Suzanne Hoffelt, was a merchant in the other part of the house.

This photo was contributed by Léon’s great grandson, Alexandre Marbaix.

Léon –> Michel –> Pierre –> Michel –> Philippe Tibesar