Elder Tibesar Home

Century old elder Tibesar family home at 6700 Rue de la Biff in Arlon, Belgium

The century old house in Autelhaut, Belgium (Rue de la Biff, 15; B-6700) was a Tibesar family home during the entire 20th century and, it is still in the family today.

It was the childhood home of three Tibesar sisters; Georgette, Marie-Josée and Denise Tibesar.

Later it became the home of Marie-Josée Biren-Tibesar who passed away October 9th, 2010.

Currently Marie-Josée’s son, Fabien Biren, and her grandson, Sébastien Biren, live in the home.

The left part of the house was the blacksmith place used by Marie-Josée’s father, Leon Tibesar, and his father, Michel Tibesar, who were blacksmiths. The center section of the structure is the home itself. It is very big inside and, the architecture is very old. The right section of the house was the village shop and grocery owned by Marie-Josée. It was the only grocery in Autelhaut.

Just two kilometers (3 minutes) to the northwest of this home is the little town of Weiler (Weyler), Belgium where many Tibesar families have lived. Both locations, Weyler and Autelhaut, have about 200 to 400 residents only and, they are located at crossroads near the outskirts of the city of Arlon, Belgium.

(Post information and photo were contributed by cousin Alexandre Marbaix in August 2011. Thank you Alexandre!)

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Sebastien Biren –> Fabien Biren –> Marie-Josee –> Leon –> Michel –> Pierre –> Michel –> Philippe Tibesar