Lorraine Tibesar's 90th birthday

Lorraine Elizabeth (Reisdorf) Tibesar celebrates her 90th birthday with family and friends!

Lorraine Reisdorf Tibesar's 90th birthday silouette

Use this super-imposed photo to identify Tibesar family members

This photo was contributed by Ken Tibesar who attended his mother Loraine’s 90th birthday party at the Green Prairie assisted living center in Plainview, Minnesota in June 2011.

1. Jeff Gove – husband of Carol Marie (Tibesar) (Senst) Gove

2. Jarad Scott Senst – son of Scott Lewis and Carol Marie (Tibesar) Senst. Rochelle (Rahmann) Senst’s husband

3. Amy Marie (Beachy) Tibesar – wife of Eric Tibesar

4. Evan Eric Tibesar – son of Eric and Amy Tibesar, great-grandson

5. Eric Edward Tibesar – son of Edward Joseph and Susan Jeanne (Siemens) Tibesar. Loraine’s grandson

6. Christine (Fay) Tibesar – wife of Eddie Tibesar

7. Edward “Eddie” Joseph Tibesar – husband of Christine, son of Cleon and Loraine Tibesar

8. Mary Margaret (Tibesar) Thompson – daughter of Cleon and Loraine Tibesar

9. James Malcolm Thompson – Mary (Tibesar) Thompson’s husband

10. Bonita “Bonnie” Jeannete (Tibesar) Palmby – oldest daughter of Cleon and Loraine Tibesar

11. James Jeffery Palmby – youngest son of Laurence Paul and Bonnie Palmby

12. Kenneth Gerald Tibesar – son of Cleon and Loraine Tibesar

13. Todd Michael Tibesar – son of Ken and Mary Ellen Tibesar

14. Anna Cohn – girlfriend of Todd Tibesar

15. John Edward Tibesar – son of Cleon and Loraine Tibesar

16. Ruth Ellen (Braun) Tibesar – wife of John Tibesar

17. Carol Marie (Tibesar) (Senst) Gove – daughter of Cleon and Loraine Tibesar

18. Isaac Benjamin Senst – grandson of Carol Gove, great-grandson

19. Rochelle (Rahmann) Senst – Carol Gove’s daughter-in-law

20. Ellie Marie Senst – daughter of Jarad and Rochelle Senst, great-granddaughter

21. Shawn Edward Senst – son of Jarad and Rochelle Senst, great-grandson

22. Loraine Elizabeth (Reisdorf) Tibesar – wife of Cleon Leroy Tibesar and the 90th birthday celebrant

23. Miranda Isabelle Palmby – daughter of Jim and Mandy Palmby, great-granddaughter

24. Mandy (Schneider) Palmby – wife of Jim Palmby

25. Mary Ellen (Thomas) (Cesario) Tibesar – wife of Kenneth Tibesar

Cleon Leroy –> Edward Felix –> Antoine “Anton” –> Pierre –> Michel –> Philippe Tibesar