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Tibesar Japanese Collection

The Tibesar Japanese Collection was created as a result of the missionary work of Fr. Leopold Tibesar a Maryknoll missionary to China and Japan between 1927-1959. Fr. Tibesar (1898-1968) was a member of a large, well-known Quincy family which included his brother, Fr. Seraphin Tibesar former president of Quincy University. Fr. Tibesar was a missionary to China (1927-1932) and to Japan (1933-1940 and again in 1946-1959). During World War II, Fr. Tibesar returned to the United States and went with his Seattle parish of Japanese Americans and Japanese immigrants into an interment camp in Minidoka, Idaho. After the war, he returned to Japan and served as head of several Catholic charities involved in the rebuilding of that country.

The Tibesar Japanese Collection consists of letters, documents, about 200 books (most in Japanese), photographs and artifacts including coins and art works. The collection measures about 30 linear feet and is not open to researchers at this time. Questions may be forwarded to the Quincy University Brenner Library archivist (1800 College Avenue, Quincy, Illinois 62301).

Leopold Henry –> Joseph Nicholas –> Maximillian Tibesar (complete lineage has not been identified yet)